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Compassionate Communications

That Transforms Difficult Relationships

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Do you want to learn to alleviate your anger, survive your sadness, or find freedom from fear?

Note: DBT coaching is based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), the most widely researched evidence-based treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). DBT has been corroborated in dozens of clinical trials as an effective treatment for persons with borderline personality disorder and other chronic mood disorders and it has been found that the skills training is the most important and effective component of the therapy. Family members will learn to reduce their own stress AND help their loved one using many of the same skills that both therapists and patients learn and practice in DBT.
If you have been diagnosed with BPD, you should be in treatment with a professional licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. If you are in DBT, you should attend a DBT skills group. However, if you live in an area or where there are no skills groups available, DBT skills training via Skype may be a solution. We can coordinate this with your therapist in order to confirm that your therapist knows about and supports you in this training.

does someone in your family engage impulsive behavior, suffer from emotional crisis, and then blame you for their problems?


the Book

Genuine Validation: Compassionate Communication

That Transforms Difficult Relationships

Living with a person who is vulnerable, emotionally sensitive, and impulsive can be difficult.
Genuine Validation is grounded in mindfulness and compassion for you and your loved one.
Learning and practicing Genuine Validation will transform your relationship and also help you personally to reduce your stress, manage your own emotional responses, and improve your effectiveness at communicating. You will learn to respond to your loved one flexibly and effectively.



In 2006 Corrine Stoewsand began coaching individuals and families based on DBT skills and mindfulness. She also started to teach classes for family members of persons with emotional disregulation and continues to this day. It is her mission and her passion to help reduce emotional suffering and interpersonal conflict.
Corrine has taught mindfulness and DBT skills in eight countries in North and SouthAmerica. She is an expert at communicating effectively when emotions run high. She has been teaching and coaching individuals, families, organizations, and mental health professionals for over twelve years. She recently published a new book “Genuine Validation: Compassionate Communication That Transforms Difficult Relationships at Home and Work.

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